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We connect the world of ideas and innovation to several creative & genius minds, globally!

Infinity holdings is a network of ingenious business leaders, companies and trusted relationships that have come together over the years to form a single, colossal organization. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, we are a conglomerate of numerous brands in diverse segments. We are the liaison between a large group of companies excelling in their specific domains. Infinity Holdings has, today, grown to be one of the top-tier holding companies in Nepal and worldwide.

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About Nepal

Nepal stands out with great pride as one of the world’s most exciting, captivating and unforgettable places. From the lush green jungles of the plains to the snow-capped peaks of the towering Himalayas, Nepal is a magnificent nation that fuses rich cultural diversity with natural beauty. The sprawling streets of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan are home to the World Heritage temples and spectacular Buddhist stupas. They complement the diverse wildlife in the Chitwan and Bardia National Parks, and the remote fortress-like settlements steeped in shamanistic traditions.

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Our Social Responsibility

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We are always on the lookout for dynamic and experienced individuals who are passionate and self driven. If you are driven to make a difference in your professional role, let us meet over a cup of coffee and discuss. In the meanwhile, please fill the form and upload your resume, so that we get to know you better.